5 Best Hydraulic Car Jacks – a Car Mechanics Best Friend

When it comes to home-based DIY mechanics, Best hydraulic car jacks are one of the most important kits you should have in your armoury.

Not only are you going to need it in your home garage to lay bare, but it’s also a vital piece that you should always bring with you while you drive. You never know when you’ll need to change your car tyre, after all.

What is the Best Lifting Jack on the Market?

In mechanical and personal workshops in the event of a car breakdown, hydraulic jacks are very useful to get us out of many troubles as they are a very useful professional tool for repairs.

The main function of a hydraulic jack is to control and keep the weight of a car high at all times, in this way it is possible that we or professionals can fix any fault in the lower part of the car.

In addition to that, this automotive product that can offer a wide variety of benefits, so that in any house that has at least one car it is essential that it has a jack.

How much money should I spend on my hydraulic lift?

Keeping our car properly supervised is ideal to avoid traffic accidents, so having a good quality hydraulic jack is essential for every person and automotive business. It is therefore essential to establish a budget where we can purchase a product that guarantees safety and professionalism, so that we will not have to suffer unfortunate accidents.

  • Cheaper hydraulic lifts (less than $50) – These types of products are good at fulfilling their main function, but the truth is that they can have more drawbacks than benefits . One of them is the distance that it lifts the car off the ground, since it is not enough to be able to carry out repairs properly.
  • Better quality hydraulic lifts (plus $50) – The products that you can buy here if they have a good quality, so they will be able to support the weight of any car in the correct way and without risk of loosening. Another benefit is the materials with which it is made and the distance it lifts the car, since it is superior to other models and is much more optimal for repairs.

Best Hydraulic Car Jacks we recommend.

1. BIG RED T83006 Torin Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor Jack with Extra Saddle

The Torin BIG RED T83006 hydraulic trolley floor jack is made of heavy duty steel with long-lasting luster durability.

This floor jack has a capacity of 3 ton(6,000 lb) with a minimum height of 5-7/8 “and a maximum height of 20-7/8,” suitable for most cars , trucks, vans and UVs.

The single piston fast lifting pump enables you to quickly boost the jack to the height you want.

An overload-preventing safety bypass mechanism guarantees safe service. Packed with 2 wide steel casters and 2 swivel casters of 360 degrees for smooth handling.

The extra-long neck of the saddle saves the lifting time for higher cars. An integrated handle enables the floor jack to be lifted and pushed rapidly. Includes a limited 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

With an ability to hold about 43.9 pounds, this hydraulic jacket can be used to lift a big SUV or van comfortably. Its long neck nature makes lifting heavy-duty lorries and SUV even easy. With a capacity of 3 tonnes, you can never doubt that this tool will certainly serve you well.


  • The extra-long neck of the saddle saves you time lifting higher cars
  • A single-piston fast lift pump helps you to boost the jack up to the height you want.
  • The safety bypass system avoids overload and guarantees a secure service.

Conclusion – As the name implies, this hydraulic jack is large. It comes in a bright red colour that is kinda cool. It’s known not only for its colour and huge nature, but it has also been built with a very durable feel that makes it an ideal tool to keep tonnes of metal over your head.

2. Tooluxe 31010L Low Profile Air Hydraulic Manual Bottle Jack

This is a strong hydraulic jack to withstand loads of up to 20 tonnes made of thick and heavy steel. This jack comes handy with a 20 to 20-inch ground clearance level when using it on a car, truck, and even van.

High duty steel design enables the jack to be used without wear and tear several times and allows for quick handling of heavy-duty loads.
The stubbing design measures 10.2 x 8.3 x 9.4 inches to make it easier to bring smaller spaces and lower clearances underneath cars.
Many vehicles with a minimum lift of 101⁄4 inches are safe and reliable and have a maximum lift of 20 inches.
Includes two additional handles for manual lifting when an air compressor is not available.
The small size allows the jack to be carried everywhere.
Packed with both the hose and the connector for fast lifting to the air compressor.


  • Easily Handles Lift Jobs Up to 20Ton.
  • Ideal for auto and truck repairs, moving any heavy machinery and equipment.
  • Side handles make it easy to grab and hold.
  • Air will pump up to full pressure with minimal effort.

Conclusion -Though small in size from the others in this series, thanks to air hydraulic bottle technology, this jack has the capacity to carry 40,000 lbs. It comes equipped with a 48-inch rubber hose tube that allows air compression when the load is lifted.

3. BIG RED TA92006 Torin Pneumatic Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

For heavy-duty machinery, automotive construction equipment, farm vehicles, and more, the Torin BIG RED TA92006 air hydraulic bottle jack is suitable for lifting.

Built of heavy-duty steel, it is designed for either manual or pneumatic operation. With a 20 tonne (40,000 lb) load capacity, it features a lifting range from 10-7/16′ to 20-1/16′.

The Torin BIG RED TA92006 has an air pressure range of 100 to 175 PSI (note: to increase the rated capacity load, a minimum of 110 PSI air pressure is required). Fitted with an automatic lowering device operated by a dual spring, fully polished and chromed cylinder rams enhanced by high-performance seals, and a push-button trigger control that enhances speed and efficiency, minimising lifting time.

To avoid overloading, the Torin BIG RED air hydraulic jack is also equipped with a safety valve. The welded handle grip makes it simple to shift and place this bottle jack. Manufactured for consistency and efficiency with accuracy. Meets the norms of ASME PASE. A limited 1-year manufacturer’s warranty is included.


  • heavy-duty machinery.
  • Designed for operating either manually or pneumatically.
  • Push-button trigger control increases speed and efficiency, reducing lift time.
  • Fitted with a safety valve to prevent overloading.

Conclusion – In order to operate pneumatically or manually, it was designed with the latest technology. This is what makes it stand out in order to ensure robustness and longevity, apart from other amazing features such as lightweight exterior steel construction.

4. Pro-LifT B-S20D Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack

The Pro-Lift B-S20D Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack is an ideal 30 tonne bottle jack for use in vehicles , trucks, farms and shops. It ensures long life output with the vital stress regions heat treated. The carrying handle also makes it so easy to take around anywhere you need it.

It features a steel lifting saddle designed to securely hold the load.

It allows the Pro Lift B-S20D Bottle Jack to be adjusted to the desired working height with the extension screw.

In order to protect against ram over-travel, the Pro Lift B-S20D Bottle Jack also features an integrated bypass system.

This is another strong Pro-lift hydraulic jack. It has made a name for itself for being lightweight but capable of lifting an average of 20 tonnes of enormous weight. All of this is due to the saddle design that has been designed with steel and can easily lift any load less than 20 tonnes.


  • Steel Lifting Saddle Designed to securely carry load
  • Screw extension adjusts to match desired height of job
  • Built-In Bypass Mechanism for Ram Over-Travel Security
  • Critical stress areas heat treated
  • Designed to comply with the most recent ANSI / PALD requirements

Conclusion -What’s more, thanks to the clever extension screw, this hydraulic jack has been designed to hardly vary the clearance levels. In addition, this hydraulic jack has an inbuilt bypass mechanism to prevent any ram, to make it more stable when retaining the 20-ton lift.

5. Pro-LifT F-2315PE Grey Hydraulic Trolley Jack Car Lift

If you are in the market for a 2-ton hydraulic jack that can handle a small or medium sized family car perfectly, then this is the right one for you. It has been on the market for a while and its users have received awesome feedback.

This is because this jack has a lift of between 3.5 and 14 inches with a low ground clearance that makes it easy to slip under your vehicle. One impressive fact is that this jack is made of pure steel, making it solid and steady at just 30 lbs, and lighter than most jacks.

This makes it suitable for small vehicles under 3000 lbs. As stated, if a light and reliable hydraulic jack is what you need, then this is the perfect option for you.


  • Cheapest budget.
  • Best Seller in Amazon.
  • Sturdy carrying handle
  • Blow mold case for easy storage

Conclusion – For simple repairs you can do at home, skip shelling cash to a mechanic. To raise your tyres, this floor jack is an indispensable, time-saving tool.

How to choose a lifting jack?

Before buying a product from this range, it is important to take into account the needs and the reason why we want to buy a product like this. Since there are cats of different types and it is important to know which of all is the best one for us and which one may be most useful, so we recommend that you take into account the following aspects.

  • What are you going to use it for ?:  It depends a lot on the type of vehicle you need to lift, since depending on the weight you need the right equipment. Remember that you cannot lift an 8-ton truck with the same hydraulic jack that you use to lift a 2-ton car; For this reason it is very important to know the  capacity of the product and what you are going to use it for , thus avoiding disastrous accidents.
  • Do you have enough space ?:  You can buy the best hydraulic jack on the market but it will be completely useless if you cannot place it under the vehicle you want. But this problem tends to arise much more in truck owners, so if this is your case, keep in mind that they are getting smaller and smaller and therefore usually require a much more compact repair kit.
  • Take into account how far to raise:  Within the market you can find many options to choose from, but one of the most important aspects when repairing a car is  the distance that the jack separates the car from the ground . Depending on this we can make many repairs, but you should know that the weight that the cat supports goes hand in hand with the distance, since the higher it is, the less weight it can support.
  • The manufacturing materials are important:  Leaving aside the fact of how much the jack can lift and how far, we also have to take into account the materials with which it was manufactured. Since  if we choose the correct ones, these will last us a long time  and will not rust easily, in addition to that the materials will not bend.

Types of hydraulic lifts

Being an automotive product that seeks to take advantage of car repairs and maintenance, it is normal that we can find a wide variety of these products. So there are those that are ideal for certain circumstances; In this space you will know which are  the best types of hydraulic jacks  that you can find.

  • Mechanical jack  This type of jack should not be missing in the trunk of your car since, being so small and functional, it seems more like an accessory than a repair kit. These jacks are the most common and simple on the market , a main tool used to change tires, but we do not recommend using them if you want to perform complex repairs unless it is an emergency.
  • Hydraulic bottle jack:  This product is specifically designed for trucks or large cars as they have a  flat and fixed support that provides greater stability  when lifting vehicles. The main feature of this product is that it can load a total weight of 15 to 20 tons, which is outrageous.
  • Hydraulic forklift jack:  This is one of the jacks that are used much more in mechanical workshops since they offer a completely rigid frame, a hydraulic cylinder and an articulated arm by just one disc for lifting. This is why it has a large capacity and can  support a weight of up to 10 tons , enough for common cars.
  • Pneumatic jack:  Unlike the rest of the jacks that we can find on the market, this is possibly the most complex and resistant. Since it is  a product used specifically by professionals  who have a lot of knowledge, since its use is a bit complex and they can lift a maximum weight of up to 30 tons, which is enough for those heavier trucks that may be.

How to use hydraulic lift?

Each hydraulic jack is different and therefore it is very important to investigate what type of jack you have and how to use it properly.However, in this space we will give you some of the most useful tips so that you can properly use a standard hydraulic jack, so that you do not you will have more inconvenience to repair or check your car.

  • Your car must be on a flat surface:  This is an essential step so that we can use our jack in the correct way, since as we all know, cars tend to roll, so it  is necessary to keep the car well parked , remember not you should put it in sloping places or on surfaces that are not very unstable since we can suffer a very unfortunate accident.
  • Choose the correct side to lift the car:  When using a hydraulic jack it is very important to take all the points into account since a trick can be very harmful for us. Each car has a specific place where the jack can be attached so that it can  lift the car without damaging the body ; You should also bear in mind that not all the anchor points are in the same area and that not all of them can support the same weight, so you will have to help the browser.
  • Place the jack in the right place:  As we have mentioned before, each step is important and once we have found the point from which we can lift the hydraulic jack, it is time to place the jack just below. Not all the jack since only the part that will allow us to lift the car to carry out the respective modifications or repairs should go.
  • Raise the jack slowly until it reaches the car:  To avoid accidents it is important that once you have placed the jack on the floor, now you must  raise its hydraulic arm as slowly and carefully as possible . During this procedure you can see if the product is well placed or not, and once you get to the car you should also lift it carefully every 3 seconds take a pause, this is done so that the gto stabilizes and does not fall suddenly on us .

Where can you buy hydraulic jack online?

These products are quite useful for everyone and that is why it has become one of the most commercialized and demanded automotive products  in the market . This is a great benefit since it greatly facilitates its distribution, so that currently it is much easier to find this product in many shops and on pages where you can buy it online.

  • Lifting jacks on Amazon:  By far it is one of the best platforms where you can buy any product you want. It has  a wide  variety of hydraulic jacks  and their prices can be considered the best on the market, making it an excellent purchase alternative.
  • Lifting jacks in Carrefour:  Inside this store you can find some  fairly basic models  of hydraulic jacks, so it is difficult to find something ideal; However, they do quite well with their main objective, which is to help us keep our car in good condition.
  • Lifting jacks at Lidl:  Unfortunately this portal does not have a wide variety of hydraulic jacks, so it can be a real inconvenience to purchase a specific model or design in this store, so we recommend you visit other more effective portals.
  • Lifting jacks in Feuvert:  This portal is a true specialist in the care and maintenance of your car, so basically  you cannot leave it in better hands . In addition to that, this product provides very high quality products to ensure ideal care for your car.
  • Lifting jacks in Norauto:  It is a store that offers its customers  accessories and auto parts at an economical price,  making it ideal for people who want to save. You will find several models of lifting jacks so that you can always have one.
  • Lifting jacks in Leroy Merlin:  At the moment this portal specializes in products of another variety, specifically in gardening and decoration. But it has a line of automotive products that is highly enviable as it offers the highest quality products on the market.
  • Lifting jacks on Bricomart:  This portal specializes in construction products so it is very unlikely that you will find lifting jacks. However, it  has its automotive section  so it may be a good idea to see if you can find the product you need.

Advantages of using a lifting jack

At first glance, the only advantage that this product can offer is the optimization and correct distribution of the weight of a vehicle to perform a good maintenance. But the truth is that the models used by professionals offer many more benefits that go unnoticed and that is why we will mention the most important and interesting that these products can offer.

  • It provides a completely simple use:  The best thing about these products is that they have fairly simple handling, this allows the operators not to need specific knowledge or information to be able to provide proper handling. Thanks to this feature, the repair, customization or simply maintenance of the car become a task of which there is no reason to worry at all. 
  • Load large weights for us:  This is perhaps the reason why jacks have become a highly demanded element since you do not need a large platform to raise the car, but with a simple lifting jack you can lift up to 10 tons. So this product is very important in workshops and even in the home of many people. 
  • Keep your car in good condition:  Thanks to the ergonomic and compact size that this automotive product has, it is an element that allows us to work long hours under a car so that we can provide the necessary maintenance. We can even change car tires in a simpler way, this product has intuitive handling so it will not be a problem if you do not have mechanical knowledge.
  • It has a fairly accessible price:  The wide variety of advantages that we can acquire with these products makes hobbyists and professional mechanics invest in a product like this since it is safe and completely profitable. But best of all, this product has a fairly low cost, especially when it comes to hydraulic models, so there is no way to lose with this product.

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