5 Best Bicycle Carriers for cars – Make your Journey easier to Transport

The Best Bicycle Carriers for cars make your journey easier to transport and are necessary if you can’t fit everything into your vehicle.

A wide range of Best Bicycle Carriers available at a huge range of budgets and this guide covers everything you need to know when deciding which one suits your needs.

Since public transport usage declined during the pandemic, two transport methods became more popular: cars and bicycles. And you have to put your car on your bicycle occasionally. We reviewed the Best Bicycle Carriers for this, as the most positive reviewers in Amazon praised.

What is the Best Bicycle Carrier on the Market?

It does not matter if you are one of those who burns your bicycle tire on the asphalt, if you like to ride in the mountains and go through the hills or if you just want to walk and enjoy the landscape, cycling is a great hobby.

In order to fully enjoy your bike, the ideal is that you can take it wherever you go. Therefore, you should keep in mind to buy a bicycle rack to help you with this task.

So that you are sure of your decision, we show you several options so that you can choose the best bike rack on the market . No matter the size of your bike or the design of your car, you will always find an ideal one for you.

How much money should I spend on my Best Bicycle Carrier?

Keep in mind that depending on what you invest you will have more or less facilities. A product that costs a little more will have more benefits, a better finish, and will be more reliable. Take all this into account when you decide to buy a bicycle rack, remember that it will accompany you wherever you go.

  • Cheaper bike rack (less than $50) – With a cheap bike rack you may not find the best quality to hold your bikes, perhaps investing too little money will not be enough to meet your expectations.
  • Better quality bike rack (plus $50) – With a few extra euros you will achieve the bike rack of your dream that has all the features you want. Remember that it is best to make an investment that can last you for a long time.

1. Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Racks for 2 in. Hitch

Bring up to four bicycles with the Allen four-bike carrier hitch for road trips or camping excursions. The 2-inch receiver hitch-insert is easy to use and is super safe for your bike. Set it on your hitch, then use the cradle device to secure and protect the bikes individually.

The carrying arm is ideal for a variety of frame sizes and styles so that you can move your children’s mountain bike or adult road bike with equal faith. And you don’t have to remove bikes to get into the back of your truck or SUV, as the rack slides back for quick access to the elevator and folds off when it is not in use.

The four-bike carrier is colored with a matte, powder-coated finish to prevent the rack from shifting in the hitch.


  • Folding carry arms
  • Individual tie-down cradles to secure and protect bicycles
  • Tilt-away main mast for easy lift-gate access
  • Easy assembly

Conclusion – When not in use, the carrying arms on your rack can be conveniently folded out of the way. This enables greater flexibility to use the rack in your car. The quality of this product is great as mentioned by several reviewers.

2. BV 2 Bike/4 Bike Bicycle Hitch Mount Rack Carrier for Car

The best way to transport your bikes is offered by the BV Bike Carrier Hitch Rack. The backward tilt design allows users to open the rear gates without the hitch rack being removed.

The three-point attachment device, two tray-style arms on the bottom and one vertical arm on top, secures each bike. When riding, this prevents the bike from swaying.

You can transport your bikes wherever you like with the BV bike Carrier Hitch Rack.

This rack has a patented 2-way anti-wobble mechanism that prevents wobbling between the hitch and the rack.
The padded arms can not only keep your bike securely in place but can shield your bike from scratching.
The backward tilt configuration allows users to open the rear gates without the hitch rack being removed.


  • Tilt Back Design.
  • Bike Compatibility.
  • Tray-styled Loops and Padded Arms.
  • Fold Up Design.

Conclusion -Although the price is high for this product compared to other products mentioned here, this product has some good features and comes with high quality. worth checking it out.

3. Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

This patented individual tie-down mechanism of Allen secures and safeguards your bicycles. The tie-downs on the carrying arm are fixed in place, but move so that a wide variety of bicycle frame sizes and styles can be engaged.

The patented single configuration design suits a wide variety of vehicles during installation and removes uncertainty. During transport, the middle structure on the rack holds bicycles away from the car.

Two side straps (in addition to the rough top and bottom straps) provide the rack with outstanding stability while in your car. This means that you and your bikes arrive safely at your destination.

On the Allen 104DB Deluxe 4-Bike Rack, the arched top and bottom feet take the tubing away from your vehicle from the carrier and cover your precious finish.


  • Individual tie-down cradles.
  • Patented design fits most vehicles.
  • Back by Allen’s lifetime warranty.
  • Fully assembled – no tools needed.

Conclusion -This innovative single configuration design suits a wide variety of vehicles during installation and removes uncertainty. During transport, the middle structure on the rack holds bicycles away from the car. A very good one for the price.

4. Allen Sports 3-Bike Hitch Racks

Bring up to three bicycles with the Allen three-bike carrier hitch on road trips or camping excursions. The hitch insert — which suits 1-1/4-and 2-inch receiver hitches — is easy for your bikes to operate and super secure.

Only mount it to your hitch, then use the tie-down cradle device to protect and safeguard the bikes individually. A wide range of frame sizes and styles are accommodated by the carrying arm, so you can support your kid-size mountain bike or adult road bike with equal faith.

And in order to reach the back of your truck or SUV, you don’t have to remove your bikes, as the rack tilts back for quick lift-gate reach and folds out of the way fully when not in use.

The three-bike carrier is coloured with a black powder-coated finish and also fitted with a no-wobble bolt to prevent the rack from moving within the hitch.


  • Tilt-away main mast for easy lift-gate access.
  • Individual tie-down cradles to secure and protect bicycles.
  • No-wobble hitch installation.
  • Easy assembly.

Conclusion – With only three bolts needed to assemble your Allen Deluxe Hitch Rack, your rack will be out of the box and have you on the road in minutes. An another Good product from Allen.

5. Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack

Simple to use, easy to set up and stable.
The Thule T2 Pro XT Hitch Rack with a 2-inch receiver can accommodate up to two bikes with as much room as a foot to prevent interference.

Connect it easily to your vehicle with the AutoAttach tool free device. Then you lock your bikes to the rack and secure them to the receiver with the integrated cable lock and lock buckle.

The T2 Pro XT is easy to fold in while not in use. Load capacities can be up to 120lbs or 60lbs per bike.
Easily carries up to 2 bikes.
The tool-free AutoAttach system Carrier can be easily installed and removed from the rack when not being used and tilt away from the vehicle for rear access.

Lock the bikes to the rack and protect them with the integrated cable lock and lock button to the receiver.
Eliminates the interference of the bike by changing side by side to create spacing for each bike.


  • Tool-free auto attach system.
  • Secure bikes quickly without frame contact.
  • The rack tilts down for rear of vehicle access and folds up when not in use.
  •  easy to install and remove.

Conclusion – Has very good reviews and found many times temporary stock out. so be ready to buy it when it again fills with the stock.

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How to choose a Best Bicycle Carrier?

You may want to take your bike with you wherever you go, be it for a picnic or mountain climbing. However, there are so many brands, designs and models that it can be frustrating to choose one, so you should see some tips that we show you so that you can choose an ideal bicycle rack for you:

  • What do you need to bring ?:  Before buying, it is recommended that you think about the sports you like to do. Do you plan to take only bikes? Or maybe you need to bring paddle boards and / or skis? Consider all the activities you plan to do during the year and plan accordingly. Consider that you could save money by choosing a more versatile system.
  • How many bikes do you want to take ?:  If it is common for you to go cycling with friends and family, you probably want to get a bike rack that allows you to carry 3 or 4. You can find many options that will individually protect all the bikes you decide to take, In addition, they have a great capacity in terms of weight.
  • Think about your car:  Although many bicycle racks are adaptable to any type of car, there are some that have specific characteristics that will only be compatible with certain models. Make sure your vehicle is on the list of the bike rack you intend to buy or change options.
  • Where should the bike rack go ?:  If your car does not come with a towing hitch, it is likely that you cannot fit some bike racks on it, so get one that you can adapt to the roof of the car thanks to the cross bars. Choosing one that goes on the roof or in the back of the car will depend on you and the comfort that each can provide, since, if your bike is very heavy, you can have a difficult time trying to get it to the roof.
  • Do you need to change cars ?:  The choice of a bike rack will depend on your needs. If you have two cars or sometimes they travel in your wife’s and sometimes yours, you will need to change the bike rack from one to the other. With this in mind, you can choose an adaptable and easy-to-install bike rack, so you can easily go from one car to the other.

How to put a bicycle carrier in the car?

A bicycle rack is ideal to take your bike to the mountains or to the city and installing it in your car is very simple. To do this, you will not need the help of a professional, you just have to pay attention to certain details. Next, we tell you how to put a bicycle rack in the car:

  • Make sure it is compatible: The first and most important thing before proceeding to install a bicycle rack in the car, is to make sure that it matches the latter. To make sure of this, you should look at the manual for the bike rack. If, on the contrary, they are not compatible, you must get one that is, forcing them will not be the best idea.
  • Open the bike rack:  Second, you must open the bike rack, this will vary depending on the model of it. In addition, it will depend on where you intend to install it, most of the models that are placed in the back of the car form a large arc when fully opened. However, those that are placed on the roof can be foldable and open in a straight line.
  • Mount the bike rack:  In cars that have a rear door, one end is mounted against the window and the other against the bottom of the trunk. While, in those that have a rear trunk, you must place the bicycle rack on the top and rear of the luggage rack. Also, in those that are installed on the ceiling, you must place it on the transverse supports.
  • Attach the clamps:  The clamps hook into the spaces where the boot separates from the car. You should make sure not to force the tweezers in, they should go in easily. In them, generally, there is a writing that will indicate where they should go, such as “up” or “down”. Each clamp has its function, so you should not have any. Then, place the straps that should be attached to each one.
  • Test the force:  Once you’ve hooked the clips and attached the straps, test the engagement force. For this, you must move the bike rack from one side to the other, if it is well placed it will move together with the car as if they were a single entity, if on the contrary, you feel it loose, you must check the straps and make sure that none are loose .

How to place a bicycle on a bicycle carrier?

Placing a bicycle on a bicycle rack is a very simple task. Also, if you have several bikes, you can put them all on it and take them wherever you want. If you have doubts about how to do this, we show you some tips so that you can do it on your own and without asking for help.

  • Open the bike rack:  The first thing you should do is open the bike rack, if you are not sure how to do this, check the help manual. Then, you have to adjust it according to the needs and size of your bike, remember that not all bike frames are the same size. Make sure to leave it this way so you don’t have to do it again.
  • Tie it to the bike rack:  Many times we see bikes that are not fully tied to the bike rack and this is totally wrong and very dangerous. If the straps are there, it is for you to use them all, we assure you that they all fulfill a function. Tying them one by one to your bike is the right way to do it. 
  • Protect the delicate parts of your bicycle:  Among the different materials used to make a bicycle, one is metal. If something bumps into it, it can damage it, bend it and give it an ugly appearance. Some bike racks will cover it by including padded parts, however, if yours isn’t one of those, you can cover the sensitive parts with a piece of padded fabric.
  • Test the tie-down:  Before you start riding your bike behind your car, you need to move it vigorously to make sure it won’t fall off while making a sharp turn. If when you try to move it you manage to move your car together, then you have done a good job tying up your bike and you can rest easy.
  • Try a different mount:  If even after tying all the straps your bike wobbles or moves from one location to another, you may need to try a different mount. One of the options for this problem is that your bike is too old to go in a more updated rack, so try some type of adjustable rack.

Where can you buy a Best Bicycle Carrier online?

Shopping online can be the solution to buying many things and a bicycle rack is no exception. Buying online will give you enough time to consider the measurements, details and offers that you will not be able to make in a commercial establishment. Next, we show you some platforms where you can buy a bicycle rack online.

  • Bicycle rack at Amazon:  At Amazon, you will find a wide variety of bicycle racks, with offers that you cannot miss. In addition, they show you all the characteristics of each one so that you do not lose any detail, so you will not end up buying one that does not suit your needs and requirements. 
  • Bicycle rack in Carrefour:  Although you will find a greater variety on the first website we show you, in Carrefour you can find some interesting and accessible options. However, the offers are not too many, which will make it difficult for you to find the best bike rack for you, your car and your bikes.

Why buy a Best Bicycle Carrier for my car?

Although a bicycle is great to get you from one place to another, it can be difficult to move a large amount of distance with it. Therefore, it is best that you resort to a bicycle rack with which you can put your bicycle on the back or on the roof of your car and take it wherever you want.

  • Take your bike to the mountain:  Riding a bike in the mountains is the passion of many, however, reaching it with your bike can be extremely difficult, since the climb and the branches can make the road a real ordeal. So the best option will be to take it in your car until you get to the hill, for this, you must have a bike rack that allows you to carry it comfortably.
  • Take your bike on vacation:  You may want to spend your vacation out of town with your parents and don’t want to stop exercising, so take your bike in your car so you don’t have to deprive yourself of this activity during the time Let the holidays last. Having a bicycle rack will allow you to reach each destination without problems.
  • Share with family or friends:  Many bike racks will allow you to carry more than two or three bikes at the same time, so if you intend to take a trip with your friends or your family and everyone wants to go with their bikes, none of them will have to stay outside and look how the others walk in them. Make your trip a success and move everyone’s bikes.
  • Save space in your car:  Bicycle racks are installed on the back or on the roof of your car, which means that it will not affect the interior of the car and the free space in it in any way. This will give you a lot of space inside it, so you won’t even realize that you have one or more bikes with you.
  • They are light and compact:  If you hesitate to buy one because you think it can be too heavy to transport, you are wrong. If you choose the correct bike rack you will notice that they are light and compact, they will give you the stability and security you need and, at the same time, will let you remove it from your car, install it in another or store it at home quickly and easily.